Happy first time home buyers in the Santa Cruz Mountains

It all began when I answered an incoming call, even though I didn’t recognize the phone number.     A genteel and intelligent young man began asking me some great questions about purchasing a home in the Santa Cruz mountains.    We agreed to meet soon after…

I was competing with the number one real estate team for these first time buyers’ business.    After many more thoughtful questions and answers, they chose to work with me.     These first time buyers had my complete attention: their trust, happiness, referrals, and eventually their repeat business means everything to me.     The way I look at it, my clients are number one, not me!

And so, the search was on for their perfect home.     Armed with their wants and needs, I set out to tour possible properties.  We toured the leading possibilities together and I refined my understanding of their ideals.

On brokers’ tour one week, I came across two great candidates.   I video taped a candid walk-through.    I went to this extra effort because they are very busy people who are relocating from another area. These videos helped to convey the property setting, which was the main objective: they wanted a property that felt like a retreat from their hectic  work and lifestyle.

The next phase was the offering process.    This was more challenging, because there were about half a dozen offers.     We talked about other properties, their strategy, and the fit of the property for them.    They made informed decisions and won the bidding!

I’ll zoom past the many, many details of the escrow, which was only three weeks long: the sellers’ choice.    Closing day was yesterday, and I’m delighted to say – they’re happy campers.


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