Lompico voters deny merger with the SLV Water District by 1 vote!

REVISION 3/4/15 One voter in Lompico was all it took to negate the merger with the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.    Whenever someone says that it doesn’t matter whether or not they vote, share this story – Lompico Water District will remain independent and will not merge – Measure N failed by 1 vote!
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Original post…Final results will take a few weeks to tabulate, and the vote requires a 2/3rds  majority to pass.    According to the Scotts Valley Press Banner 2/27/15 edition, page 3, so far 317 people or 67% have voted to approve.

Loch Lomond Reservoir

Lompico residents live quite close to idyllic Loch Lomond.   Ironically, the water in this reservoir is for residents of the city of Santa Cruz.

This has been a hotly contested issue for the tiny Lompico community in the Santa Cruz Mountains.   Because I list and show property here, I’ve seen many home-made signs arguing for or against the measure.

Recently, Lompico was  listed as one of the top 20 communities in the state of California that was in real danger of running out of water.    The reasons why this state of affairs came to be are many, but it has been said that the previous management of this water district serving about 500 households had run into many problems.    There have been reports of past mismanagement, including failing and leaking water tanks and water distribution lines.

Without going into the arguments for or against the merger, I will say that I believe resolution of the problem is almost certain to improve property values in this community.    That’s because the average home buyer doesn’t want to purchase a home where the water supply, quality, or the costs to deliver water, are uncertain.

update 3/4/15: the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports estimates of $600 a year in additional costs.    However, I think that, due to the need to upgrade much of the existing infrastructure of this water district, these costs could rise.

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