San Lorenzo Valley Home Prices and Trends – 2014

SLV Real Estate 2014

In 2014, the average Ben Lomond home price was $542,598 – up about 20% over 2013.    Much of this increase was because the top 2 most expensive homes sold in the San Lorenzo Valley were in Ben Lomond.    2 spectacular homes on acreage sold for $1,075,000 and $1.2 million.    The cheapest Ben Lomond home sold for $205,000 – let’s just say it “had issues.”   On the other hand, I thought it was a great investment property.

Real estate prices in Felton averaged $502,985 during 2014 – up about 16% over 2013.    The most affordable Felton home sold for $250,000.   It was a serious fixer upper but on a flat lot close to Henry Cowell State Park.     The most expensive Felton property sold for $960,000 after being on the market for quite a while.   It was on about 2.5 acres.

Homes in Boulder Creek are amongst the most affordable in the region.      During 2014, BC home prices averaged $437,000, up about 14% from 2013.   In 2013, Boulder Creek’s home prices rose to $398,000 (up 28% on average over 2012).   While the more affordable homes are typically on smaller lots (1/10 to 1/4 acre), there are many homes available on generously sized parcels of an acre or more.  Higher end homes in Boulder Creek typically sell for between $600,000 and $800,000.     In 2014, the 3rd highest priced home in the San Lorenzo Valley sold in Boulder Creek: a beautiful home on 4 acres sold for $1 million.   The least expensive home sold in Boulder Creek was a red-tagged cabin on 1/2 acre – $130,000.

Home prices in Brookdale, one of four communities in the San Lorenzo Valley, are quite similar to Boulder Creek and Ben Lomond, the neighboring towns.    Being a small village, only 12 homes sold during 2014.   The average Brookdale real estate price was $380,000, down about 3.5% from 2013.   Because the number of sales is so small, it’s not statistically significant.   The most expensive Brookdale home sold for $535,000 but really was rather average on most counts; the most affordable Brookdale home sold for $220,000.   While nicely updated, I don’t believe the house had permits.

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