Soquel and Aptos Home Price Trends

Results for 2012 (through March 26th)

Homes Prices are relatively stable – averaging about $600,000.


31 Single Family Homes have sold in the Soquel / Aptos region (through March 26th 2012).  The average home sales price so far this year is $599,099.     52 homes sold for an average sales price of $708,812 during the 4th quarter.    BUT – when you dig into the details, it’s easy to see the statistics are significantly affected by a very expensive property sale late last year.    When just that 1 property is removed from the stats, the average sales price for the 4th quarter was $609,965.

The most expensive residential property to sell in the 4th quarter of last year was a lavish estate home, complete with pool and tennis courts, on 20 plus acres with an ocean view.    The 5 bedroom home was completed in 2005 and sold for $5,750,000.

So far this year, the most expensive residential property sold for $1,200,000.    This was a single family ranch style home on over 50 acres, with barn and outbuildings, in a private location with valley and mountain views.     Click here if you’d like to look at homes in the area that are for sale right now.

Here’s a chart showing the average sales price, compared to the average list price, over the last year.   What I find interesting is that the discount between listing price and sales price has gotten pretty slim – recentl less than 1%.


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Source: MLS single family home sales through March 26, 2102

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