Scotts Valley Home Price Trends

Scotts Valley Real Estate Prices – year to date 2012

As the chart below shows, recently, home prices are hovering around a central trend of stability around  $650,000.   Take a look at the average discounted sales price, compared to asking price.   This has been  shrinking steadily  – some recent buyers have been willing to pay over asking price this year.

23 Single Family Homes have sold in Scotts Valley so far this year, at an average price of $640,819.   The average home sales price

of $633,593 in January was based on just 9 closed escrows.   In February, another 9 homes closed escrow, at an average price of $659,500.


Source: – Single Family Residence closed escrows

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The tone of  press articles about housing is improving:

Housing Crisis to End in 2012 as Banks Loosen Credit

Pending Home Sales Rise

Jobs Creation Heralds Stronger Recovery

Housing Affordability hits Record High

What do you think will happen in the Santa Cruz/ Scotts Valley / San Lorenzo Valley housing market this year?



Results for the 4th Quarter compared to the 3rd Quarter 2011

36 homes sold across the city and rural areas ofScottsValleyduring the final 3 months of 2011.   The average home sales price was $709,924.     During the 3rd quarter, 77 homes had sold at an average sales price of $727,842.    During the final half of the year, the discount from the original list price remained stable at about 4%.

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