National Home Sales Update

Home Sales rose again nationally,

       showing the 3rd gain in the last 4 months, while inventory shrinks

The average home price in the Western Region fell just 2% year over year.    The median price of a single family home across the nation was $154,400, down 2.6% from January 2011.    


Inventory, or the number of homes sitting unsold on the market, shrank to just over 6 months.   This is a key indicator, since a market balanced between and equal number of buyers and sellers tends to hover around 6 months supply.       Inventory is down 20% from a year ago.

All cash sales have steadily accounted for 31% of sales.   There are a lot of investors moving their cash into real estate, picking up rental properties and vacation homes.

Foreclosures accounted for 22% of January sales.

Short sales tallied up 13% of total January sales.   One of my short sale listings just went into escrow after getting 4 all cash offers over asking price.   3 of the 4 buyers wanted to live there themselves.

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