Santa Cruz County Home Prices 4th Quarter 2011 Market Update


Results for the 4th Quarter compared to the 3rd Quarter 2011

469 Single Family Homes sold across Santa Cruz County during the final 3 months of 2011.   The average home sales price fell about 3.5% to $523,264, compared to the 576 homes which sold during the 3rdquarter at an average price of $542,527.  The median price home in the 4th quarter (where half the homes sold for more and half for less), was $450,000, down 3.4% compared to $466,000 for the 3rd quarter.


Here’s an interesting observation:  the percentage of distressed sales fell at the end of the year.     Foreclosure sales fell: 107 of the homes sold in the 4th quarter were foreclosures, compared to 128 of the homes sold in the 3rd quarter.

There also fewer short sales: 85 short sales during the 4th quarter, versus 95 in the 3rd quarter.


Could this decline in distressed sales be a bright sign for the housing market’s health?   Time will tell, but there was a news report released today by the Mercury News, saying the Truckee research company Clear Capital reports a stable outlook for home prices in the Bay Area.   Click here to read more:



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